Bringing Men to the Table: Coaching for Men with Loved Ones with Eating Disorders

We are proud to offer this unique workshop for men with loved ones with eating disorders.  This workshop coaches spouses, fathers, partners, stepfathers, brothers, and friends on:

  • eating disorder basics
  • skills to support your loved one’s recovery
  • skills to decrease your stress.

Pamela Carlton, MD – Eating Disorder Specialist
Joe Kelly – Fathering Expert and Author

When: Please email us for information about when the next group will be starting.
Where: 2490 Hospital Dr., Suite 205, Mountain View
For questions email: [email protected]

This is what men who have participated in previous sessions of

“Bringing Men to the Table” are saying

2 Responses to Men’s Group

  1. Robert Smith says:

    I thought the last and first of Dr. Carlton’s workshops were absolutely fabulous and far surpassed my expectations. I learned much more about how the Anorexic mind works, as well as how to avoid upsetting my daughter, who has Anorexia. I gained significant knowledge about the sulltlties of this disease, particularly as regards symantics and the criticality of respecting her “boundries.”

    I’m excited to potentially attend the next workshops this month.

    Robert Smith

  2. Stefan Schmitz says:

    I loved this workshop. I was apprehensive beforehand, but it quickly became one of my favorite things of the week. I was so good to be among men who are open and honest and have similar struggles. I feel much less alone. I appreciate the knowledge, wisdom and caring of the facilitators. I learned facts and skills. I was reassured in some and guided in other ways to help our family member in recovery and myself. I highly recommend this workshop.

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